How Intercoastal Mortgage Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency With Appraisal Management Software

A Case Study

"I probably have saved a whole person worth of work thanks to the automation that we've done"

- Stephanie Doughty, VP of Disclosures and Compliance, Intercoastal Mortgage

ICM Case Study Cover v2
  • The Challenge:

    Intercoastal Mortgage was managing their appraisal process with a manual and inefficient process that did not provide key automations, reporting tools, and internal visibility.

  • The Solution:

    Intercoastal Mortgage decided to partner with AIM-Port by Appraisal Logistics to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a better overall experience surrounding appraisal.

  • The Results:

    Intercoastal Mortgage was able to automate tasks such as payment processing and data sync with Encompass. This allowed them to repurpose employees to more useful tasks and provide a more cohesive experience for the borrower. 

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